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 August 20, 2019

6 Mountain Bike Areas. Epic trail systems all close to the Pine Ridge Inn

By Tyler

Before the crisp air begins and we start to see the colorful foliage of fall now is the ultimate time to take advantage of Bend’s countless world-class mountain biking trails. Maybe you’ve read about Bend’s 277 miles of trails or seen Bend heralded as America’s best mountain biking town in Mountain Bike Action magazine, but until you’ve actually geared up and hit the trails yourself, you won’t fully understand why cycling is as much a part of the local culture as microbrews and quality outerwear. Bend offers many options for any level of cycler, from beginner to advanced, from solo riders to entire families. You can hit the trails by yourself or check out Central Oregon Wheelers Recreational Road Bike Club or Cog Wild to explore your options for group rides. Mountain biking is the absolute best way to get some exercise, explore the unparalleled natural beauty of Central Oregon, and figure out just why Bend has been nicknamed Biketown USA.


1.) Phil’s Trail Complex– A local favorite, Phil’s Trail Complex provides all the best that Bend mountain biking has to offer. Back before Bend was such an up-and-coming destination, Phil and his friends actually carved these 100+ miles of singletrack trails themselves. Located just three miles from downtown Bend, Phil’s Trail Complex lets you choose between dozens of intersecting trails all cutting through the scenic Deschutes National Forest. Take your pick from a variety of trails with fun names like the Grand Slam, Ticket to Ride, Rockstacker, and Voodoo.

2.Wanoga Trail ComplexThe Wanoga Trail Complex is one of the newest additions to Bend’s incredible wealth of mountain biking options. Though some parts of the complex are still under construction, there are still plenty of excellent routes to choose from. If you want to experience some thrilling downhill mountain biking, check out the 7.2-mile  Tiddlywinks Trail, which offers all the banked turns, log rides, and rock jumps any mountain biking enthusiast could dream of. If that sounds a bit intimidating, fear not. Several sections of the trail give riders the option to ride around the more advanced, technical parts without having to get off their bike.

3.)   Newberry Crater/Paulina Peak

Not many people know that there is a volcano the size of Rhode Island right outside of Bend, but you can actually bike there along the Bend to Newberry Crater Trail. Once you arrive, circle the rim of the caldera along the Crater Rim Trail for amazing glimpses of the crater below. The area is overflowing with a wealth of natural wonders, from caves and ancient lava flows to waterfalls and hot springs. After exploring Newberry Crater, make your way to the top of Paulina Peak for unbeatable views of the crater and surrounding Cascade Volcanoes.

4.)   Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls usually shuts down for the winter, so visit now or you might have to wait until spring. A 97-foot waterfall tumbling out over a rugged, tree-spotted cliff into a glacier-fed creek, Tumalo Falls is the perfect end to your mountain biking adventure. This fun uphill route Northfork takes you through thick stretches of pine trees at least 7 waterfalls before you get to Happy Valley. The trail is used as a hiking trail also. Its a good idea to go early on this trail.

5.)   Sisters

Sisters is an adorable, old-West style town that most motorists pass through on their way to Bend. If you bike there, starting at the Twin Bridges loop in downtown Bend, you’ll pass through lush forests, rolling high-desert terrain, and the breathtaking Cascade Mountains. The stretch of roadway leading to Sisters is actually on the US Register of Historic Places, so you’ll experience a little bit of history as well. Once you arrive in Sisters, you can take your pick from 15 different mountain biking trails of varying distances and difficulty levels. The 25-mile Peterson Ridge Trail is a great place to start. It’s a “stacked loop” route, which means you will have the chance to branch off to different trails as you see fit. If you are up for a challenge, hop on to the tough but rewarding Eagle Rock Trail for a spectacular 360-degree view of the landscape below.

6.) Swampy Lakes AreaThe Swampy Lakes Area offers a number of low-difficulty trails for beginners who want to give mountain biking a try without having to commit to anything too challenging or arduous. Starting at the Swampy Lakes Sno-Park, this pleasant, mellow trail cut through scenic stretches of pine trees, occasionally offering stellar views of the thick, swampy waters of Swampy Lakes.

Check out below some great resources for trails in the Bend and surrounding area.

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